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Outdoor Lighting 

Outdoor lighting is the perfect addition to any home. With the amount of products and variation out there in the outdoor lighting market, it's good to have someone who is familiar with all aspects of it - Which is why we completed outdoor landscape lighting classes through Rutgers University to prepare us to be better than the other guys. Lighting doesn't just add beauty, it also adds security and comfort. Give us a call to get started today!


path lights

Path lighting is the best way to add lighting to your walkways. Plastic and solar lights never stand the test of time. Which is why we help you choose the best product for you and install them in a timely manner. Because outdoor lighting adds as much security as it does beauty.


Up-lighting accents the features of your home by casting shadows and bringing out the natural beauty of your architecture


accent lighting

Accent lighting can be added anywhere to highlight any features such as plants, water falls or ponds, or as we see here, on a seating wall. This one was installed to add beauty to the seating wall as well as nighttime safety. This also adds a nighttime ambiance perfect for outdoor nighttime activities. 

did you know?

Lighting is perfect for you if you have a dark property or neighborhood and want to make it safer for yourself, your family and your guests.
20200922_193452-02 (1).jpeg

You may have read or heard from local authorities that outdoor lighting helps deter crime. No one likes unwanted guests, least of all those of the criminal variety.


There's no denying that outdoor lighting looks amazing!


Fully Licensed and Insured

lighting is the best way to add security, while also adding beauty and ambiance to your home! 

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